Voiceover Service on Demand

English with accent and native German

Get a voiceover recording in an industry standard format (320 kbit/s mp3 mono) within 24 hours from Monday to Friday. On the weekend and every 7th week, there’s no service. You can see my availability below. If I’m not interested in your request, you won’t hear back from me.

Service status: 🔒

This service is currently locked. I’m currently not available for new projects. If you wish you to work with me, telegram me with the first line „New project: Please add to waiting list!“ and I add you to my waiting list. I ignore messages with another first line.

How it works

Get your recording in 3 steps. You upload your plain-text file, fill out of the questionnaire and I reply within 24 hours.

1. Upload plain-text file

Upload your file here (password: what the cow produces, written in lowercase letters). Make sure to name your file properly so I can identify that it belongs to you.

2. Fill out questionnaire

Go here to fill out the questionnaire.

3. Review

After you uploaded your plain-text file (.txt) and filled out the questionnaire, I will review what you sent, and accept or deny. If I’m interested to work with you, I’ll let you know and quote you a price within 24 hours. You won’t hear from me if I’m not interested to work with you.

Doesn’t work? Use these 6 steps!

If for any reason the questionnaire doesn’t work for you, follow this process:

  1. You send the script in a plain-text file (no Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML or other formatted text) as a telegram - your first line in Telegram needs to be: „Urgent and important: Due in 24 hours“. I ignore messages with another first line because it shows you can clearly not follow the instructions of my process.
  2. I confirm the receipt of the file and send back a message with questions towards the project goal, style of delivery, kind of audience and desired feeling or action after the consumption of the voiceover delivery.
  3. You reply to all questions that I asked - completely and thoughtfully.
  4. I confirm your answers, send you a price, and I send another message with a link to place your order.
  5. Within 24 hours after your order, I send you a message with the link to the voiceover recording.
  6. You confirm the receipt of the recording, and I’ll see you with your next project.

A word of warning

QVoD does not provide consulting, negotiation or any kind of extra interaction. QVoD provides high-quality voiceover (English and German) with 24-hour turnaround at a flat fee.

If you need consulting, and plan to grow your business strategically with video and voiceover, I encourage you to check out my service at stolenvoice.


Every recorded word costs 1 €. Tax, licensing fees and revisions not included. Revisions are considered a new project and are charged accordingly.

Pro bono projects may be accepted, use the contact form with your request.


QVoD is a quick voiceover delivery service because I know what I’m doing. Quick is not cheap or poor quality. The opposite is the case: Because I’m providing a 24-hour turnaround I charge accordingly. Quick and quality results have their price. You know that, I know that. So, stop using Fiverr because quality is not cheap, and a poor delivery costs triple (money, time, nerves).

If you have any questions, telegram me or read frequently asked questions.

Quick Voiceover Delivery (QVoD) is a brand + service by naii.io